Frequently Asked Questions

How do Pre-Orders work?

Pre-Orders are released on our site approximately once every 1-2 months! Usually the product is announced via social media, as well as a date when the listing will go live on our store.

Pre-Ordering a plush means you are reserving that plush during production. When an item is discounted for pre-order it has not been made yet, we are simply gathering enough committed buyers to then produce the batch. Our plushies are all made in small batches; once a design is out of stock theres a chance it won't return again.

If you bought your plush the day of launch, your preorder could take anywhere from 3-6 months to finish production, arrive to our location, get quality inspected, and finally: Shipped out to you!

During the pre-order phase, a product will remain discounted up until the batch has left the factory. When an item's sale ends that is an indication that the plush is on it's way! We also provide status updates on when we believe shipments will likely arrive.

How long do you run pre-orders for?

It's hard to know exactly when a pre-order will end due to a few different factors.

- A pre-order could end suddenly or sell out if our order capacity has been reached
- Supply/Factory delay could extend the period in which a product is available
-If a pre-order was not successful in reaching funding within a reasonable timeframe, and the order needs to be cancelled/refunded.

Typically Pre-order promotions are active for 3-4 months before switching to regular fulfillment.

I don't want to pre-order, can I buy one after they come in?

It Depends!

Our plush are never guarenteed to make a comeback if they sell out. Typically we do not see 100% of stock gone during a pre-order, but the only way to guarentee a plush is pre-ordering.

Planning to get your plush after launch is a gamble but not impossible!

How long will my order take to ship?

In-stock orders typically ship within 3-4 business days.

This can be affected by our convention schedule, weather or supply issues occassionally but we do our best to get orders out in a timely manner. We are a small team of 3, not amazon.

If your item is labeled as a PRE-ORDER it is not in stock and will take longer to fulfill.

I ordered my plush months ago! Where is it???

First, check if your item is a pre-order! If so, naughty naughty.. you should have read the description. Please see info about your particular item to see when it is expected.

If your item is IN STOCK and has not been shipped in 5 business days or less; Please contact us!

Can I get a refund?

Short answer: YES!

We will issue you a refund for your order up until the item has shipped.

If your item has shipped but you no longer want it, not what you were expecting or is damaged, it can be returned for a refund on the item, but not the depleted shipping.

If your plush presents any issues within 30 days of recieving your item we are happy to issue a full refund upon return and inspection. After 30 days a refund no longer qualifies.

What do you stuff your plushies with?

As of 2023, we are working on switching all future plush to a synthetic polymer down, giving our plush a luxury weighted feel.

Any items stating they feature zippers for stuffing will be filled with this material. Plush with no zippers are filled with a standard cluster-fiberfill and do not share the same properties.

If you're looking to stuff your own plush, you can get polymer based filling at your local craft store. We're working on detailed tutorials for you all on how to stuff your plush at home!

How do I clean my plush?

We reccomend spot cleaning your plush for less invasive cleaning.

If you determine a full cleaning is neccessary, we reccomend unzipping (or opening the final seam on your plush) and removing all the filling. Careful not to pull on any internal strings as they might be crutial to your plush! You can leave small amounts of stuffing in the feet or closed off areas if neccesary.

From this point you can rinse your plush in the bath with warm water and gentle detergent (reccomended) or turn them inside out and run on gentle in the washer. We do not reccomend running your plush through the dryer as heat can damage some materials.

My plush arrived damaged or imperfect! What do I do?

Please, contact us so we can make it right! Sometimes we don't catch things on their way out but we're here to help!

Send us a message with your Order number as well as any other relevant information to

Can you do custom plushies?

We can!

We are plotting on a soft opening for custom plush designs this year! We will have options to host plush through us, or keep them all to yourself.

Interested in customs? Great! Check back soon! We're still working out the details.

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