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Creep Cat toy company was founded by two independent LGBTQ+ artists with a passion for funky little creatures and a knack for design! We are a pair of artists who work mainly in craft and concept design and are trying our hand at turning our work into something larger. Creep Cat’s goal is to provide high quality and well designed toys for all ages and walks of life! Our focus is to fill a niche of less commonly seen species and designs in plush, figurine and merchandise! As a duo, we work to brainstorm, concept, design, produce, quality check and distribute all of our products. With each purchase from Creep Cat you are directly supporting small artists and helping us live out our dream!

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We're working our tails off to produce more products just for you! With your support of Creep Cat Toy Co. we'll be able to bring you more of what you love! We know there's not a lot to feast on right now but expect some more cuddly content in the near future! For the time being, consider signing up for our Newsletter! You'll get the latest updates and products right to your email so you'll never miss a good catch!

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