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Never had a Creep Cat plush before?

The jury is in... and the wait is worth it!

  • -Pack @TheRealGopack45

    "I've only had this 6ft gator for 1 Month and 17 days, one of my favorite purchases this whole year! I love him so much, super super soft! Amazing Quality! I'm glad to give this gator a home!"

  • -Nina @ninalemonz

    "Too excited not to show- my gator from @CreepCatToyCo finally came yesterday and it is SO CUTE !! So soft and a lot bigger than expected, it takes up a majority of my dorm bed lol I’m very happy to have my new cuddle buddy 💜💙💖"

  • -Rife- @RiftTide

    "My tiger from @CreepCatToyCo has arrived! He looks absolutely amazing! You guys always have the coolest plushies 💙🐯"

What the HECk is a Creepy CAt????

Behind the fluff!

  • Company? How big are you??

    Despite our name, we are a small team of three! We all play different parts to help run things as smoothly as we can, and learning a lot as we go. When you make a purchase from our store, you are getting an item that was designed, produced and packaged with care by people just as passionate about cute plush as you are!

  • How it all started...

    Originally there were no plans to start a full blown plush operation but the world works in mysterious ways! Creep Cat was founded with a tweet of a flat gator plush sketch that quickly gained interest, then it snowballed into more gators, then more silly animals. We're so glad you like our product designs and we'll be sure to keep 'em coming!


    As soon as we started releasing more plush our demand picked up at a pace we never could have expected. In our struggle to keep up with a rapidly growing customer base we fell short in several categories. We are still putting systems in place to better serve our customers and reliably push out updates and new content for you all.

  • Our Vision

    We have huge hopes to grow Creep Cat into not only a great source of quality plush but an avenue to provide resources for other like minded creatives to bring their projects to life! We have so many crazy things planned and cant wait to start stitching the pieces together.

  • Not Just Plush

    We've made several additions to our equipment to be able to bring you more fun products to enjoy-- from screen printing equipment to 3d printers!

    We are also exploring more ways to bring you the designs you love in all new mediums and even BIGGER sizes!