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6 ft Striped Hyena PRE-ORDER

6 ft Striped Hyena PRE-ORDER

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These MASSIVE plush hyenas are ready to cause some mischief! Made with a short pile faux cuddle fur making them soft from head to tail, and embroidered face and paw details give them their classic sly grin. They feature a zipper for stuffing and un-stuffing for storage, cleaning and travel!

Due to their impressive size we have limited availability for the "Stuffed" and "Partial Stuffed" options. Details below-

Fully Stuffed- A fully stuffed hyena weighing in at roughly 15lbs (7kg) will arrive at your doorstep vacuum packed and waiting to be unleashed! This is a good option for those not wanting to stuff their own plush, want it professionally done and don't mind the shipping expense! (Not recommended for international customers)

Partial Stuffed- A hyena with approx. 1/2 of its filling. Majority of the stuffing will be focused in the paws, tail and head, leaving the body to be filled to your preference. This is the best option for those not wanting to fully stuff their own plush, and helps reduce shipping expense. An additional 8-10 lbs. of stuffing (Not included) will be required to fill your hyena.

Un-Stuffed- A neatly folded hyena "pelt" ready to be packed with a stuffing of your choice. Approximately 15lb. of stuffing is needed to fill the skin. This is the easiest option for those wanting to customize the density, weight or filling material. It is also the most readily available due to them not requiring extra handling after Q-inspection. (Highly recommended for international customers)

!!!THIS ITEM IS A PRE-ORDER!!! There is a waiting period of approximately 3-4 months before your order will be shipped. This time is to account for manufacturing, bulk shipment, quality inspection and packaging of you order. We are a small team so we do our best to get things out in a timely manner and will do our best to accurately update expected delivery and wait times. Expected Delivery - May 2023

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