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Moth Fluff - Plush Fiber Filling

Moth Fluff - Plush Fiber Filling

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Moth Fluff is the filling we use for all our in house stuffed plush. 

This filling is incredibly fibrous and fluffy, preventing it from getting easily matted down over time. It has a different texture and feeling compared to traditional polymer stuffing. Moth fluff is very soft and silky- almost like the fur of an animal (named respectively after our fluffy white cat). Use this product to fill up your favorite plush for an all-new experience!

Available in three weights 3, 8, and 13 pounds.

Our 3 lb package is perfect for smaller plush, The 8lb. option is best for our 6ft. Gators.

We recommend the 13lb. option for an unstuffed 6ft hyenas as they come with approximately 4lb. of stuffing. 


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