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6 ft. Plush Gator

6 ft. Plush Gator

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Are you ready to be apart of the gator army? Better yet, the 6 FOOT gator army?
These 72" plush minky gators feature felt scales, embroidered facial features, and scale-plated bellies for an all-around cuddly feel and look! 

We have 2 options available! You have the choice of ordering your gator STUFFED or UNSTUFFED. This will allow international customers to save on a hefty amount of shipping, however, they are available to order domestically! 

Regarding UNSTUFFED GATORS - We recommend a 5lb. bag of polyfill to stuff your gator. Depending on how firm you want your plushie, you will use most if not all of the polyfill. 

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